Escape to Tranquility

Indulge in blissful relaxation. Book your private sauna experience in Royal William Yard and Brixham now. Unwind solo or with friends for an unforgettable wellness experience.


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Revitalise your senses with our mobile sauna experience. Enjoy the perfect blend of warmth, sea, and tranquillity at Shoalstone Pool, Brixham’s coastal sanctuary. Or, witness the beauty of Royal William Yard, in Plymouth.

Relaxation Oasis

Immerse in the calming embrace of our wood-fired sauna, providing unmatched relaxation with coastal views and refreshing sea dips.

Therapeutic Heat Waves

Experience therapeutic warmth by the waves. Our sauna offers rejuvenation, easing stress and promoting well-being with ocean-inspired serenity.

Nature's Rejuvenation

Refresh mind and body in nature. From sea dips to cold tubs, our wellness oasis embraces the healing power of coastal elements.

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the boss, ross.

I went away on a similar retreat and I thought “I would love to set up something similar”. So I did!

Halogico is an opportunity for individuals to escape their busy work lives and come down to Brixham or Royal William Yard and get into tranquillity. Our sauna, ice baths and other treatments allow our customers to truly relax.

What I love about where we are, is the peace you get. You see, there are other places that offer what we offer. Yet, not in the environment that Halogico offers.

The Journey

sauna on the go

Embark on a wellness journey with our mobile sauna. From seaside tranquillity to personalised sessions, experience relaxation wherever the journey takes you.

The experience

Immerse in
Coastal Wellness

Dive into a world of wellness. Immerse yourself in the warmth of our wood-fired sauna, complemented by sea dips and rejuvenating coastal vibes.

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